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Ford’s new self-driving tech venture, VW forecasts 2023 sales, Mississippi’s latest EV legislation

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Automotive educator and entrepreneur Chaya Milchtein is on a mission to make the industry more inclusive
education companyMany obstacles stand in the way of the automotive industry’s efforts to boost sales. But, it’s possible that one of its biggest problems isn’t just what it sells, but also how it sells. Particularly, how it handles a customer base that still feels disregarded and even patronized to, women. Chaya Milchtein, an educator and the founder of Mechanic Shop Femme, joins us on today’s Inside Automotive to discuss her journey and how she is now educating and empowering others. Watch the complete segment here.

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Latitude AIFord revealed that it has established a new wholly-owned company named Latitude AI with the goal of developing a hands-free, eyes-off-the-road automated driving system. The automaker intends to grow and expand its automated driving technology, including improvements in Ford BlueCruise, which has already logged more than 50 million miles of hands-free driving, latitude adds a top team of machine learning, robotics, software, sensors, systems engineering, and operations talent for this venture. Read More

factory closure
Image Source: Ford/Bloomberg

Ford announced that a factory closure stemming from a battery-related fire would last until March 13, over a month after production was halted. The fire broke at the Dearborn, Michigan plant’s holding lot on Feb. 4. A subsequent investigation by Ford discovered that a battery issue had ignited one of the F-150 Lightning pickups awaiting a quality inspection, damaging two other vehicles in the process. Read More

sales forecastVolkswagen announced a decidedly optimistic sales forecast for 2023 with an anticipate revenue of 307 billion euros ($326 billion) to 331 billion euros ($352 billion). The news comes nearly a month after the German automaker posted its full year financial results for 2022, which revealed a better-than-expected earnings margin of 8.1%, and two months after the release of the brand’s annual sales numbers, which dropped to the lowest in a decade. Read More

Mississippi State senateThe Mississippi state senate recently approved a bill that will prevent electric car manufacturers from opening up their own dealerships in the state. The amendment clarifies that EV manufacturers can’t bypass Mississippi’s dealership requirements, which will prevent any physical locations from being opened in Mississippi by EV producers. Read More

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A snapshot of February's u.s. auto salesFebruary U.S. auto sales: Ford and Hyundai show marked improvements, Japanese brands falter
According to preliminary estimates from LMC Automotive, a leading automotive forecasting, and data company, U.S. auto sales saw a notable increase in February 2023. LMC predicts that the total vehicle sales for the month of February reached 1.4 million units, a 9.5% improvement from the previous year. Read More

3 female automotive industry leaders share how they conquered the industryThis National Women’s Month, CBT news has compiled an inspiring collection of prominent female automotive industry leaders to commemorate women’s history, analyze the unique hardships, victories, and effects gender has on how women pursue their careers. By sharing their biggest struggles and successes in the industry, women can encourage others to defy social expectations and chase their dreams.  Read More

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