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Debt ceiling, Honda May sales, NHTSA falls behind

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Dave Ydstei and Mike Battaglia join the show to discuss how a Blink Charging partnership can prepare dealers for the electric vehicle shiftEnergy solutions: how Blink Charging is preparing for the electric vehicle shift
The EV market has boomed in popularity with more drivers and models hitting the roadways than ever before, but availability and accessibility of EV charging stations is still a challenge. On this episode of Inside Automotive, we are going to discuss a solution that could help you alleviate this pain point for consumers. We are pleased to be joined by Dave Ydstie, Fixed Operations Director of Audi Minneapolis and Audi St. Paul, and we’re also joined by the Chief Revenue Officer for Blink Charging, Mike Battaglia. Watch full segment here.

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In a last-minute vote to prevent a devastating national default, the Senate approved a bill suspending the debt ceiling on Thursday evening.In a last-minute vote on Thursday, June 1st, the U.S. Senate agreed to raise the debt ceiling just days before the deadline, narrowly avoiding a catastrophic national default. The bipartisan deal, passed in the House one day before, will allow the Treasury to continue borrowing money for interest payments until 2025. President Biden, who agreed to comply with Republican demands on budget and tax cuts, called the legislation (quote) “a big win for our economy and the American people.” Read More

Honda, May

American Honda’s May sales results showed substantial gains, with deliveries of electric and truck models breaking several records for the period. The brand sold a total of 119,445 vehicles for the month, up more than 3,000 units from April and nearly 44,000 units over the previous year. Sales of hybrid and electric cars, led by the CR-V, topped 32,000, accounting for a quarter of the automaker’s total volume. The manufacturer’s senior Vice President of auto sales praised the company’s dealers, who (quote) “are doing a great job of selling into inventory to meet pent-up demand…” Read More

A probe into the NHTSA found systemic issues relating to defect investigations which officials claim could place U.S. drivers at riskA new government report sheds light on a concerning pattern of inefficiency and missed deadlines at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The probe, led by the U.S. Department of Transportation, found that the agency failed to meet timeliness standards for 26 out of 27 safety investigations between 2018 and 2019. Noting that internal efforts to fix the issue had been unsuccessful, the report warned that the administration’s glacial turnaround speeds posed serious risks to American consumers who may be unaware of their vehicle’s defects. Read More

VW's ID. BuzzVolkswagen is reviving its classic VW Transporter Bus in the U.S. with an all-electric version titled the ID.4 Buzz. Originally launched in Europe last year, the North American model will feature an additional row of seats, more horsepower, faster top speeds and improved battery capacity. Slated to arrive in 2024, the manufacturer has yet to offer pricing details for the vehicle, although its European counterpart typically retails between $65,000 and $70,000. Read More

For Dealers

hyperlocal, marketingReach customers in your neighborhood with these hyperlocal auto marketing strategies
As a dealer representative, you’ve probably heard of hyperlocal marketing in general. Hyperlocal marketing is important amongst services that often have a local presence, like a car dealership. When a customer searches for a “dealership near me” you’ll want to find a way to show up amongst the first results. We’ll discuss more about what hyperlocal marketing is and the impact it can have on your dealership business. Read More

In this article, we take a look at the fact and fiction surrounding electric vehicles, and if they are truly as eco-friendly as some claimHow ‘dirty’ are electric vehicles? The answer might surprise you
Headlines and social media are filled with electric cars: the good, the bad, the controversial. However, one topic that remains elusive is the truth about how “green” electric vehicles really are. Here, we separate fact from fiction. In order to truly consider the carbon impact of electric vs. gas cars, we need to look at their lifecycle emissions. This means cumulative emissions from production to operation to end-of-life. There are nuances to consider in each step along the way, so I’ll include considerations that may change the math as time goes on. Read More

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