Be Intentionally Congruent

intentionally congruent

Are you intentionally congruent on the lot and in the showroom? Let the customer know that you and your dealership are transparent with them. Mark suggests being both in order to have an effective sales process.  


I want you to be congruent, intentionally congruent. In other words, I want you to know that one thing must lead to another and be congruent. When you’re with a customer outside, I’d like for you to use the word transparent. I want you to explain to a client that you’re a very transparent salesperson, that this is a transparent dealership, that you want to give them the necessary information that they want to make a great decision.

Now, when you’re inside, when you’re making your proposal, reinforce Mr.Customer, as I mentioned to you outside, we’re a very transparent dealership. I want to share with you all the figures about price and trade and payments and budgets and anything else that you’ll need to make a great decision. We don’t play back and forth games. We don’t try to hide things, we’re very transparent. Be congruent intentionally outside, with what you say and do, to what you say and do inside. Be intentionally congruent in your sales and in your life and good things will lead to the next. Be intentionally congruent. My best tip of the day on CBT News.

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