AutoNation expands with RepairSmith to be the #1 leader in transportation solutions

Customers can easily be taken from point A to point Z

AutoNation is set to acquire RepairSmith, a full-service mobile repair and maintenance company making solutions much more convenient and comprehensive for their customers. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re learning more about the expansion with AutoNation’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer, Marc Cannon alongside the CEO of RepairSmith, Joel Milne.

After current CEO Mike Manley joined AutoNation, he observed that “the company is an outstanding retailer,” but he understood that in order to lead the industry in transportation solutions, they needed to grow. Since Mike joined the company, according to Cannon, “AutoNation purchased a strong group in Denver, acquired CIGFinancial division, and added RepairSmith on top of that.” As a result, AutoNation is creating a huge overlapping footprint.

Cannon declares, “whenever the downturn happens, the upturn is always in service.” Because customer satisfaction ratings within a firm are the basis for customer experience, the expansion allows them to engage with customers directly. Through COVID, Milne claimed, “we were able to visit consumers in a secure manner, where we could fix their vehicles in the driveway. Because they were so comfortable with that experience, we were able to really get around”. However, the fact that “they’ve never heard of us,” he continues, is the main reason customers didn’t utilize RepairSmith.

Milne emphasizes that “increasing our reach and brand awareness” is the goal of RepairSmith and AutoNation’s expansion. The challenge for dealers is staying in touch with clients as things move and change. But, because of the combined resources, the two businesses may be able to attract more customers.

AutoNation engages in a competitive win-win strategy by now being able to provide quicker client maintenance. Customers can easily be taken from point A to point Z by the providers of transportation solutions for all of their demands. In general, the expansion is focused on the customers and the providers of transportation solutions. According to Cannon, “we service all consumers, and our partnership with dealers assists in acquiring access to recalls to get taken care of on the go.” 

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