Author and Former MiLB Player Mike Robbins on Inspiring Your Team to Win

Mike Robbins


The retail automotive industry can sometimes be a rough business, from dealing with sales to management. How are you navigating? How do you keep not only yourself, but also a team energized and engaged? Here to talk about some things you can incorporate at your dealership is Mike Robbins, speaker, coach and author of five books, his latest titled We’re All in this Together: Creating a Team Culture of High Performance, Trust, and Belonging.

In this segment, Mike tells us about his background and journey to becoming a sought after speaker. After playing college baseball at Standford University, Mike was drafted by the Kansas City Royals organization and unfortunately was injured before he could make his major league debut. Since then, Mike has dedicated his career to helping companies create high performing teams with great leadership.

He then discusses how the Coronavirus had affected people personally as well as professionally, and the tips he has for poeple dealing with anxiety over the constant changes and disruptions in life. He also tackles the keys to a healthy and positive dealership culture, and the importance of staying motivated and organized.

In addition to speaking and writing, Mike is the host of the We Are In This Together podcast. Through his platform he teaches important techniques that allow individuals and organizations to be more appreciative, authentic, and effective. His clients include Google, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and Airbnb to name a few.

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