Tesla owners are getting more than their money’s worth by flipping their electric vehicles and generating estimated profits between $2,000 to $7,000. These opportunists understand that the demand for an electric vehicle has risen, while there is a short supply. Since there is a short supply, Tesla EV owners have the upper hand and can sell their vehicles at inflated prices to earn a steady profit.

As gas prices continue to soar in the U.S, with no telling when they will stop rising, more and more consumers are turning to electric vehicles as a solution. However, EVs are currently limited in supply, with waitlists as long as 70,000. Instead of waiting for one to two years to purchase a newly manufactured EV, consumers are turning to used electric vehicles sold by sellers, instead of dealerships.

One seller used tactics to draw in interested buyers by posting their Tesla model on Facebook Marketplace with the caption “Why wait 6 months when you can get this one now.” The 2022 Tesla Model X was listed for $149,000. 

In the United Kingdom, Jaguar Land Rover is dealing with a similar problem as they try to stop dealers from sending their vehicles to China and other markets to make a profit. The same car in China, for example, costs $57,273, while it is sold in the U.K for $66,449.

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