General Motors, Detroit Renaissance Center Global HQ

General Motors is a sitting duck as they wait for important parts and materials to repair and develop more vehicles. As a result, one report by GM stated that approximately 95,000 vehicles are missing crucial components like batteries and chips. These vehicles are sitting idly in storage units. The automaker intends to complete and ship all the vehicles to dealers before the end of 2022.

GM has many EVs set to be delivered by 2023 and 2024, however, the waitlist is long and the production is low.

The majority of the vehicles sitting idle are waiting for the right battery pack or a chip, which is essential for the EV to run. The lack of electric vehicle batteries is concerning for many EV companies looking to expand their numbers. Already, EV companies like General Motors are gathering interest and growing in popularity, which may surpass Tesla by 2025.

However, General Motors, unlike other car companies, does not have the upper hand globally as Europe and China are growing in EV sales and use compared to the U.S., China is at an advantage as many of the EV battery production centers and lithium mining facilities are located in the country, making the delivery of these materials easy and quick.

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