Are Trial Closes Helping or Hurting You?

trial closes
Are trial closes helping or hurting you?  According to David Lewis, they’re hurting some people. Hear why in today’s CBT Tip of the Day. 
Today I want to talk to you real briefly about trial closes, and I’ve brought this up numerous times and I get lots of emails about this, and I love the emails, but listen, folks. Trial closes only make customers more defensive. You’re losing your best opportunity to lower their defensive posture. When you hit people with trial closes, all you’re doing is making them more defensive.
The worst time to do a trial close is at the end of your presentation. You’re ready to walk inside the building. You’re standing at the car and you ask that question of, “If we could come together in terms and numbers, is this the car you want to buy today?” Or, “On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest, how would you rank this car?”
All you’re doing is backing the customer into the corner. You’re making them more defensive, and here’s the sad part. You’re three, four minutes away from sitting at your desk. Look, I’m going to ask you a great question. Where do you want to negotiate the deal, on the lot or at your desk? We all know the answer is at your desk. The minute you hit those trial closes at the end of your presentation on the lot, you’re starting the negotiations on the lot, and that’s not the right place.
Look, before you walk away from the car, all you need to know is this. Do they like the car? Mr. And Mrs. Smith, does this car meet all the qualifications and expectations you’re looking for in your shopping process? If you’ve done a great job in your presentation, most people are going to say yes, and then bring them inside and start your negotiations. Why would you take that risk?
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