Hiring new talent: Does your dealership have proper training in place?

On the latest episode of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes sits down with Ronnie Tejeda, new-hire salesperson specialist, as well as the coach and trainer at Brown and Brown Dealer Services. Lopes gets straight to the point and asks Tejeda, are new salespeople you hire doomed from the start because they’re not properly educated?

87% of salespeople do not get proper training, says Tejeda. It’s very easy to hire someone, but these are the same people who have never sold a car and don’t understand the process. In his class, Tejeda focuses on confidence. He says, you can spend all your money on marketing, but if the employee doesn’t know what to do when a customer gets there, it’s going to be difficult. If you hire someone, you have to invest in them.

Tejeda says his group does not put people on the floor immediately. They will do a week or two of one-on-ones, which gives trainers the opportunity to break things down. He says, he doesn’t tell people what to do, but why they should do it. People have to understand the psychology of selling a car. It takes a long time to learn the car business but it won’t take as long if you invest weekly.

Tejeda does a lot of speaking engagements and he does sales training for AT&T. He does the same process as the way he does car sales. Tejeda says, he didn’t have the best upbringing and wants to change people for the better. People need to have hope says, Tejeda. God gave him the gift to speak and Tejeda wants to use it. “I’m not talent-driven but purpose-driven,” says Tejeda.

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