AIADA President Cody Lusk and Chairman Jason Courter discuss the association’s 50th anniversary


This year AIADA celebrates its 50th anniversary. Their dedication to free trade still holds true 50 years later and now that we are only one day ahead of election day they join us to discuss the potential impact of this year’s election. We’re pleased to welcome Cody Lusk, AIADA President and CEO, and we’re also joined by AIADA’s Chairman and the COO of Bellevue Honda, Jason Courter. 

Many may not be aware, but when it comes to import dealers, there are 9,500 international dealership franchises who sold 9.1 million vehicles to American consumers in 2019. This represents 56% of the U.S. retail vehicle market. In this segment, Lusk, Courter, and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick tackle the following:

  • The importance the AIADA had on the auto industry 50 years ago and still has today
  • Some of the proudest moments the AIADA has experienced in the past 50 years
  • The impact that the upcoming election could have for import dealers in terms of tariffs
  • The potential differences between a Biden or Trump win on the automotive industry
  • The AIADA’s forecast for 2021
  • The state of inventory levels for both new and used vehicles
  • The association’s plans for the 2021 NADA conference and expo next year

For more insight from Cody Lusk and Jason Courter, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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