AIADA Pres. Cody Lusk on smoothing the transition to electric vehicles

For the past 52 years, the American International Automobile Dealers Association has been representing dealerships that sell international nameplate brands. Now that we’re in the first quarter of 2022 we want to know how the Association is representing dealerships today and what’s on their agenda for the year ahead. We’re pleased to welcome Cody Lusk, AIADA President and CEO. 

From Lusk’s perspective, the biggest thing affecting car dealers today, outside of inventory shortages, is the transition to the electric vehicle future. The news coming out of Washington D.C. on the matter, is not focused on the consequences that car dealers will face. While this transition won’t happen overnight, car dealers have to start preparing now.

Lusk adds that car dealers seem to be excited about the transition, and the OEMs have made bold commitments to an EV future. The AIADA is hard at work ensuring that car dealers are part of the conversation and have a seat at the table.

This is one of the many items on the agenda for AIADA. The organization will also be inducting its new Chairman on the heels of the NADA Show, this upcoming March 13 at AIADA’s 52nd Annual Meeting & Luncheon. John Connelly, dealer principal of Acura Columbus will be taking over the role and Mike Maroone will be receiving the lifetime achievement award. 

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