5 Steps to Coach Your Dealership Staff More Effectively – Dave Anderson


As a dealer, manager, or any other leader in the automotive industry, how do you build an effective and successful team? On today’s show, Dave Anderson, leadership expert, President of LearnToLead, and host of The Gamer Changer Life podcast, explains the steps dealers can take to coach their team and get them on the road to success. 

Dave Anderson strongly believes that dealers and managers can coach their employees to success if they implement the following five steps:

1. Ask: Get your employees talking not by interrogating them, but by asking questions to understand exactly where they’re at mentally.

2. Listen: Don’t cut your employees off mid-conversation because you think you know what they will say. That attitude doesn’t work.

3. Coach: Now you are ready to give them some suggestions and advice. However, this step doesn’t work unless the first two steps are done successfully.

4. Reinforce: Praise your employees whenever you can. Do it quickly, specifically, and publically.

5. Challenge: Give the employee an objective, or a new goal to achieve. This will be the jumping-off point for the next coaching session. Use this continuity to keep building up your employees.

Known as ‘Mr. Accountability,’ Dave Anderson is an acclaimed international speaker and author of 14 books on personal and corporate performance improvement. After working in the car business for years, Dave began LearnToLead in 1999 with the goal to help individuals and organizations reach their personal and corporate potential.

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