5 Secrets to Mastering Sales Follow-Up


We all know how important follow-up is. It could be the one deciding factor that helps make your dealership a top of the line store. Here are five secrets to mastering sales follow-up:

  1. Cherry picking and the three types of leads
    Every time you run a marketing campaign, the leads you get can be divided into three categories: Ready now (hot), ready soon (warm), and leads that may never be ready (cold or bad leads).
  2. Timing is everything
    People buy when they‘re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. This means you have to be in front of folks when they’re ready to buy.
  3. Integrate sales and marketing
    In most companies, the marketing department’s job is to get the leads and the sales department’s job is to call on the leads and close the sale. But in between getting the lead and closing the sale, there’s a huge gap.
  4. You must have a living, breathing customer database
    If you want the strongest possible customer base, you must actively, systematically, and methodically build your customer base. All your contact, prospect and customer data, order and billing information—everything—needs to be entered and stored in the database.
  5. Education, repetition, and variety

If you combine all five of these not-so-secret secrets into one cohesive, automated, fail-safe system, you won’t just see incremental sales improvements—you’ll see revolutionary transformation.


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