4 innovative ways Policaro Group is combating COVID-19 constraints

Many dealers feared the worst when government-mandated shutdowns went into effect back in April due to COVID-19. However, dealers have had a tremendous amount of success in digital retailing. Today, we speak with Francesco Policaro and Hans Bigler of the Policaro Group, to better understand the keys to success for dealers operating during this pandemic. Francesco Policaro is the CEO and dealer principal of the Policaro group, and Bigler serves as its vice president.

In this segment, Policaro, Bigler, and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick tackle the following:

  • How the recent Canadian government announcement that the Canada-U.S. border closure will be extended until at least Nov. 21, will impact business.
  • The market trends happening right now in Canada
  • Challenges with inventory through the pandemic
  • Digital retailing trends that have become popular in North America
  • Whether or not digital retailing is the future of the automotive industry
  • The concerns regarding the future of the retail automotive industry
  • Changes in the vehicle purchase experience
  • Taking a future-forward approach in the market with Policaro Group’s new services, Policaro Access Self Service Test Drive, Policaro Access Home Delivery, and Policaro Access Service Experience

The Policaro Group is an Ontario-based automotive group comprised of 8 franchises encompassing seven brands including Acura, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Lexus, Porsche and Toyota in Canada. For even more great advice and insight from Policaro and Bigler, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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