3 ways to improve your car dealership’s consumer engagement and boost your bottomline

On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies, highlights a few experiences to share ways in which your dealership can improve and discover some things you were probably never aware of.

spam callWhen it comes to potential spam calls, Pasch recommends dealerships check your BDC outbound calls to make sure they are not being flagged as spam calls. Test as many carriers as possible. Make sure that the call to their phone is coming through clearly. Also, make sure the number that is being assigned to your outbound calls from the BDC is a clean phone number.

The second recommendation is to have Google My Business listings for sales, service, and parts at your dealership. Each listing should have 10 categories. There’s a free chrome extension tool, titled GMBspy. When you use GMBspy, you can go to any dealer’s GMB listing, and it will show you all the business categories. Out of 11 stores, Pasch visited on his road trip, not one had their Google My Business correct.

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The last recommendation is to simplify your digital customer experience to make it easy for the customer to navigate. He says some dealerships either have too many buttons or the buttons are not prioritized. More is not better. Pasch says take a moment to look at your website through a consumer’s eyes. Each button when clicked is being sent to Google Analytics, so you can see how many times people are clicking on each button and how many times they generate a true sales opportunity.

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