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With nearly 50% of the dealership’s profits coming from the service and parts department, it is critical that you appeal to new customers on a regular basis. While earning new clients can be difficult, retaining them is just as challenging with the overly competitive market. Local aftermarket providers are working hard to take customers away from your dealership, but you can be proactive.

We will look at some tactics you should be implementing to compete for service customers and retain the ones you currently have.

1. Put Quality above Price

Your customers are looking at the price, but they are more focused on quality. If you attempt to beat your competition on price, you are going to lose the battle. Instead, look for ways to improve the service quality.

Your dealership is an attractive option for customers looking for expertise in particular makes and models. It’s important that you share the factory training your technicians receive. You also want to ensure customers are sharing about the expertise in your online reviews. When you ask your customers for an online review, strategically point out that it’s valuable that your team’s expertise is mentioned.

However, the expertise is only one part of service that is crucial. You must also up your customer service game. Look for ways to make the entire service appointment better, from scheduling an appointment to quick payment options. You want every customer to be 100% satisfied, no matter what it takes.

2. Push More Tires

In a survey conducted among 2,000 dealership service customers, only slightly more than 30% had purchased their last set of tires from the dealership. These lost sales aren’t because tires are cheaper elsewhere. Instead, it comes down to many customers not knowing that you sell tires.

The majority of your loyal customers would rather deal with you for tire sales but are oblivious to what you offer. You must spend more time advertising your tire sales and promoting the service. The more your customers see you as a tire shop, the better your sales will be.

For starters, there should be tires on display at the reception area. Put a sign up with the latest tire sale. Additionally, when a vehicle comes in for service, you should make it known that you provided a free tire check. While you check the air pressures, you can also evaluate tread wear and offer new tires when needed.

By ensuring your customers know you handle tire sales, you market yourself as a one-stop shop, allowing for more convenience to your valuable clients.

3. Personalize Everything

Your customers are looking for a personal touch that helps them feel valued and wanted. You can enhance the experience by providing a custom-tailored approach to appointments. To do this, you will have to retain data about every customer. However, the process is as simple as providing a loaner vehicle that is comparable to what they are already driving.

You can also personalize the online appointment scheduling, reminders, and text messages. Furthermore, it’s important that you only contact the customer the way they wish. Ask each customer if their preferred communication is through calls, emails, or text.

Your goal is to make their experience unparalleled to anything that other dealerships can provide.

Gain New Clients While Retaining Loyal Customers

With this multi-faceted approach, you can appeal to new clients and retain your loyal customers. Continue striving to provide world-class service and watch your online reviews soar, which helps you appeal to a new customer base.

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