3 Tips to Guide You Towards Greater Success – Walter Bond

walter bond

In the final installment of CBT’s interview series with Walter Bond, he leaves us with a few tips that you and your team should keep in mind and implement as you continue down your the path towards greater success.

  • The Power of Two
    Know your two most important activities and do them every day. For Walter, his power of two consists of jumping on the phone every day asking people to buy and being the best speaker they ever heard every time he is on a mic. By doing those two things, every day, Walter has brought himself to the world’s stage. The same can be said for you. Pick the two things that will elevate you to the next level within your profession and commit to their completion, every day.
  • Habits and Rituals
    If you make the right daily schedule and achieve it day in and out. Often, when you stray from your daily schedule and need to do’s, your opening yourself up to the possibility of missed important tasks. So cancel out all disrupters by sticking to your habits and rituals.
  • Beware of good ideas and shiny things
    Walter tells Jim how sometimes good ideas can be an innovators kryptonite. He explains that it’s not the idea that causes the issue but how sometimes we are quick to implement those ideas and that can send your team into a whiplash, throwing the focus of your team goal from the bottom line to the new process. So the next time you have a good idea, don’t dismiss it or jump on it right away, just take a few extra moments (or days) and figure out if it really does have a place in your system and if so, then find the best way to introduce it to your process without breaking you or your teams habits and rituals.

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