You’re up to speed on the technology potential car buyers want, right?

technology potential

The wants and needs of potential car buyers change just as fast as technology does and you can blame technology for that. In the latest findings from the 2016 Autotrader Car Tech Impact study, an increasing number of car shoppers want the technology features in the next vehicle they purchase.

Out of more than a thousand shoppers, Autotrader found that 70 percent surveyed were more likely to consider vehicles with autonomous features, such as parking assist, collision avoidance and automatic braking.

The study also revealed that consumers have specific expectations for smartphone integration, with 77 percent saying they want a car with all the technology features instead of a car color. Rachelle Petusky, an Autotrader research analyst said of that, “When they get into their cars they expect to stay connected with simple and easy smartphone integration. The manufacturers who blend that with autonomous features are the ones who will win.”

In other findings, 46 percent of consumers surveyed would pay up to $1,499 for an interactive dashboard. 65 percent of consumers said they would switch brands to get the technology features they wanted up 9 percent from 2014.