Your 2018 Plan to Conquer Online Reviews

online reviews

Gone are the days where people used to rely on a business to provide them with true and accurate information. Now, online reviews are the place to go for consumers to find honest opinions about a company, product, or service. 91% of consumers routinely read online reviews, with 85% actually trusting online reviews enough to view it as personal recommendations.

73% of consumers are more likely to trust a business with positive customer reviews. 7 out of 10 consumers believe that positive reviews are an extremely important aspect of a purchasing journey. Consumers today are resourceful and technological savvy. They have all the information that they require and need for the purchasing process right at their fingertips.

But with all this information, it’s still important for you to know the types of reviews and how to utilize these to be an advantage for your dealership.

Types of Reviews


  • Genuine Reviews


Though it might seem like consumers post reviews online on a whim, the truth is, many consumers won’t post anything unless they feel strongly about an aspect of the purchased product and/or service. Regardless of whether their experience is positive or negative, you’ll find that most product reviews have a reason behind their post.

The most valuable type of post is a positive genuine review. These reviews generally are written by people who feel strongly about your product. They are not known to write many reviews, but when they do – it’s worthwhile to read. These typically start with phrases, such as “I rarely write reviews” or “This is my first review”.


  • Inaccurate Reviews


Regardless of what industry you are in, you’re bound to experience inaccurate reviews appearing on your product or company’s pages. It could be anything from a customer not understanding a post or a product to them feeling wronged by your company. Irrespective of the reasoning, they are likely to go out of their ways to openly insult your dealership.

The sort of inaccurate reviews determines the solution. In the case of a misunderstanding, your dealership has the option to communicate with the individual directly to clarify and resolve the matter. In the case of a wronged consumer, it’s best if you simply provide a prompt public apology as well as encourage them to contact your customer service.


  • Comparison Reviews


This type of review is a popular way for individuals to post comments comparing your product with another’s product. Generally, these reviews are very thorough, which focus on the negatives and positives on your product and/or service. If it is feasible and appropriate for you to publicly address this, then you should do so. If it isn’t, then it’s also recommended for you to directly contact the reviewer even it is simply to acknowledge them for their opinion.


  • Four Star Reviews


It is rare to get complete five-star reviews across the board, nor are they likely to give anything below a three star if they haven’t had a terrible experience. So, most brands and companies end up with a four-star overall review. Believe it or not, these four-star reviews can hold great points for you to build and improve your brand. Because of the rating, you already know that the individual had a fairly good experience. They just might have recommended a certain point to make their experience even better.


  • Third Party Reviews


Most reviews generally come organically from consumers that have purchased your product. However, there are also reviews that come from third parties. These reviews are most likely going to be on websites that focus specifically on your niche market. They can be a great source of free advertising if they are positive as they will most likely be spread across the vast social networks.

Yet, if the reviews are negative, they can be quite dangerous to your brand and company image. If you come across any of these third-party reviews that are geared to be negative for your dealership, its vital to ensure that authenticity of the reviewer. If they are authentic, then it’s important for you to learn from the review and take it as constructive criticism.

Tips for Dealerships to Get Better Online Reviews

It’s no secret that online reviews can have a great impact on the behavior of prospective shoppers. In fact, if you have positive online reviews, consumers are more 90% likelier to visit your dealership’s website and 5.3 likelier to visit your dealership.

So, for this new year, how can you ensure that you conquer your online reviews? We’ll be going through some of the top tips to get your dealership started.


  • Ask for Reviews


Though it’s common that unhappy experiences lead customers to post negative reviews of a product and/or service. However, your satisfied customers can also be great people to post reviews. The trick is to find out when customers are more likely to be online, that way you should simply post on that day or time. When you know the days and times, simply request for reviews during these peak hours.


  • Respond to Reviews


Only 33% of dealerships actually respond to their consumer’s reviews of them. This staggeringly low figure correlates with the engagement rate between the dealership and its customers. Dealerships that have higher response rates, also have higher levels of engagement.


  • Even Negative Reviews


It’s a given that all your reviews will not be positive. Somewhere in the bunch, you’re sure to find negative reviews. So, it’s important to be ready for these reviews. Even consumers who have had bad experiences want to be heard, so giving them attention will mitigate damage. Weekends are especially important days that should be monitored for reviews across all your platforms. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday have a 19% more likelihood rate of producing negative reviews.

It’s important to remember that negative reviews can play a big part in the behavior of prospective consumers.


  • Implement A Review Management Process


There is a surplus of review sites online, especially dealership reviewing sites. So, it’s important to have a management process that helps you monitor these third-party sites. It is now also possible for you to implement dealership review monitoring services to make it easier for your monitoring needs.


  • Simply, Deliver A Great Customer Experience


Sometimes, the simplest answers can hold the biggest impacts. The ultimate rule to conquering online reviews is to simply provide your consumers with a great purchasing experience. With human interactions decreasing day by day, it’s important to optimize your customer experience across all digital channels. Giving your customers a seamless experience, regardless of whether it is online or at your dealership.

When you get your customer at your dealership, ensure that you give them such an excellent five-star service that they continue to rave about for years to come. Just by that task, you’re bound to get a handful more consumers. Dealerships can succeed or fail simply with their customer satisfaction level. By implementing and monitoring this valuable strategy, you’ll be nurturing your business while also growing your customer base.