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car buyers

Six of the Most Innovative Current and Upcoming Connected Car Features

The days of just using your car to get from Point A to Point B are over. Today, cars are not only collections of...

Auto Loan Interest Rates Continue to Soar

Auto loan interest rates continue to go up, according to a recent Edmunds analysis, with rates reaching their highest in a decade. Looking at...
service centers

Servicing the Newest Automotive Technology Increases Profits for Automotive Service Centers

Previously, automotive service centers only had to worry about the basic functions of a vehicle, like engine work, tire changes, and routine maintenance. The...
the process

How The Process is the Core to Your Business

Processes are the core tools for business. In order to become and remain successful and competitive, Dealership Service Departments must continuously improve their process....

Interview Tips When Hiring F&I Managers – What to Look (and Listen For)

Interviewing for any position at a dealership is a bit of a balancing act when assessing whether or not the person will be a...

Stop, Look, and Listen

  On today's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis talks about how you can close more sales and find success by stopping, looking, and listening.

The Reward of Consistent Practice

Nobody gets better on game day. On today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, Dave discusses the rewards that come with consistent practice and preparation.

The Power of the First Impression

On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, Almog Veig of David Lewis and Associates talks about the meet and greet in the service...

Don’t Take the Bait

Nobody can offend you without your consent. If anybody says or does anything to try and get under your skin, don't give in. On...