Winter Is Coming, What Is your Dealership Offering?


Though it might still feel like summer where you live, winter is indeed on its way. With it comes all kinds of challenges for car owners. The proactive dealership is one that’s looking ahead and thinking about how they can mitigate these challenges, offering services that will meet their customers’ needs.

While every winter is different, and every city and town faces different weather conditions, chances are you already know some of what your customers will endure over the next few months. With that in mind and some careful planning, your dealership can corner your area’s winter market!
Here are five offer ideas that make the most of this key window for sales.

“Winter Wellness” Eventwinter

A well-maintained vehicle is the safest kind of vehicle to drive in the winter. If your dealership offers a maintenance subscription, send out a reminder to your subscribers that now is the perfect time for a check-up. For everyone else, advertise a pre-winter check-up event for their cars.

Consider as well teaming up with a car wash service to offer reduced or free washes or memberships during the winter, as driving in snowy, salty road conditions can do a number on most cars.

Emergency Winter Kits and Plans

winterBe it driving rain or driving snow, driving can sometimes grind to a halt during the winter. In the past, some drivers have been stuck for hours–even days–due to inclement weather. Help your customers prepare by stocking and selling emergency winter car kits, complete with flashlights, energy bars, and woolen socks.

Another option is to print up a checklist of what customers can pack in an emergency car kit, complete with your dealership’s logo and contact information, and send it out around town as a helpful advertisement people are sure to save!

Winter Necessities

Shovels, scrapers, windshield de-icers; these are items everyone thinks they have on hand… until they leave the house at 5 AM and find their car buried. Stock up on these items to offer your customers, and when you’re making cold calls, have sales staff mention that customers can come to you for one-stop shopping for their winter vehicular needs.winter

Winter Driving Clinic

Every year, new drivers get their licenses. And if they studied and took their tests in the summer, there’s a good chance they’ve never driven in the winter elements and possibly skimmed that section of the book. Offer a free or cheap refresher course for any interested drivers with specific reviews on how to care for one’s car in the winter, and how to handle weather-related emergencies. This is one way to get new drivers and customers through your doors.

Deck the Halls

Winter comes with several holidays. There are Halloween and Thanksgiving at the beginning and Hannukah, Kwanza and Christmas later on. Start brainstorming not only savings events and decorations for your dealership, but also decorations for cars – both the ones on your lot and the ones you serve. Offer wreaths, bows and other holiday paraphernalia to add just a little extra holiday cheer and a personal touch.