Why your car dealership should consider modernizing customer payment platforms – Joe Tautges & Fred Fordin, CDK Global

As originally reported here on CBT News, CDK Global recently announced a new payment platform for car dealerships. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Joe Tautges, Chief Operating Officer of CDK Global and we’re also joined by Fred Fordin, Vice President of Dealer Management Systems and Related Solutions to discuss the platform, CDK OnePay.

Tautges begins the conversation by explaining what CDK OnePay is. The program is designed to help car dealers lower the costs around their credit card transactions. It also aims to create a better customer experience by modernizing the payment terminals within the car dealership.

Fordin says car dealers didn’t imagine how far they were going to go with the program. He says it’s more than a payment solution. It’s a sophisticated digital commerce platform. It’s allowing their car dealers to operate like large retailers.

One of the benefits car dealers will see from CDK OnePay is a better customer experience says, Tautges. Other benefits include the ability to work across global payments throughout their large network of customers, by leveraging Fortellis.

Tautges and Fordin end the conversation by discussing what CDK Global has in store for the future. Tautges says automotive retail professionals can expect more innovation from CDK this year. They are continuing to hire more people, build momentum, and modernize their products. The Roadster acquisition for CDK has been great. Fordin says they thought they would see more end-customer adoption online than they have seen so far, but he believes showrooms are going to have less of an impact and online shopping will have a steady upward trajectory.

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