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Technology solutions firm CDK Global has unveiled its new CDK OnePay, which will serve as a revolutionary payment platform for dealerships. CDK Global partnered with payment software developer Global Payments to create the new platform, which the company said was “designed to help dealers create a frictionless customer experience with end-to-end seamless payment technologies and expanded payment options.” The platform will lessen the stress of closing a sale in a dealership and the time needed to complete the process.

CDK Global’s chief operating officer Joe Tautges stated that the firm is “significantly enhancing the payment experience at dealerships by streamlining dealer workflows” and “providing more options like virtual payments and contactless terminals.” CDK OnePay aims to make payments at dealerships much easier, which includes a feature that allows dealerships to send payment requests through unconventional means such as text and email. The new software will facilitate both credit and debit card transactions, and customers can even use digital wallets on their Internet-enabled devices.

The CDK OnePay platform will reportedly utilize Fortellis integrations, which “connect software developers, OEMs and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences.” Fortellis offers some of the most respected Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the industry, including those for make or model information and numerous apps for various aspects of dealers’ sales processes, ranging all the way from scheduling to finalizing payments.

CDK OnePay also features its so-called CDK Drive, which aims to reduce wait times and lessen financial errors during transactions. Dealers will not be charged upfront fees or regular subscription fees for the platform.

Tautges said that the partnership is “a true win-win for dealers and their customers.”

Global Payments’ president Bob Cortopassi said that Global Payments and CDK Global have “delivered a truly integrated commerce platform that brings more payment flexibility to automotive retailers and pushes them to the leading edge of payments.” He noted that Global Payments believes its responsibility is to “provide businesses and consumers with state-of-the-art payment technologies and commerce-enablement solutions” and that CDK OnePay will enhance these technologies for the automotive retail industry.

CDK Global said that Brondes Auto Group’s COO Drew Conkle, who participated in CDK OnePay’s pilot program, provided feedback stating, “CDK OnePay helps ensure we’re providing the best possible experience at our dealership and increases the chances of getting their repeat business and additional revenue.” CDK OnePay will offer more flexibility and cater to customers who have begun preferring contactless shopping methods over traditional in-store ones.

Dealers who opt to use CDK OnePay are hoping the simplicity of its new digital platform will not only entice customers to purchase vehicles from them but also influence them to return for future sales.

The release of CDK OnePay is just the latest big move for CDK Global, which purchased sales platform Roadster for $360 million earlier this month. The acquisition was another push towards digitization, allowing consumers to complete the entire car-buying process online without having to step foot in a dealership. Last October, CDK Global also unveiled its “Digital Documents” platform, which transitions traditional paperwork to digital signing capabilities.

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