Why this N.C. dealer group is investing big in its BDC departments

The retail automotive industry changes rapidly so what are BDC departments doing to keep up? On today’s show we’re pleased to welcome Matt Raymond, Director of Digital Operations at Team Automotive Group to discuss his role and streamlining operations.

Raymond begins the conversation by discussing his journey into the automotive industry. He says it’s been 11 years since he told his wife, he would just ‘sell some cars’ until he could find something else. About three years ago, he was reached out by Kristin Dillard to come work for Team Automotive Group, with a goal to grow to the company with 10 stores in 10 years.

Team Automotive Group centralized BDC Operations in 2019, before the pandemic. In 2020, Raymond says they didn’t change business practices, such as adjusting budgets. They took their call center off-site, ramped up their sales and service BDC departments, almost doubling their staff. Raymond says they increase year-over-year. Last month, they had over 3,000 opportunities that came in. On the service side, they were responsible for setting 7,000 appointments last quarter for them, says Raymond. He says, 2020 has allowed them to continue to grow and think outside the box and prepare. 

Raymond says they are blessed to have five dealerships in North Carolina, all falling under General Motors. For their used car inventory, they’re able to share the vehicles. On the new car side, they focus on customer experience and transferring the vehicle to the store for their customers.

In Raymond’s perspective, he thinks you’re going to see gross profits stay where they are. He also believes manufacturers are going to throttle back on the amount of inventory they’re pumping out, to help keep margins up. Raymond says automotive is the only thing people negotiate anymore. Inventory may come back but not at the level, we’re used to seeing it.

Raymond ends the discussion by talking about the goals he has for himself and Team Automotive Group. He says, he really wants to grow their digital department. He wants to see their BDC team develop into 40 to 50 women. Raymond wants to change the face of automotive and show people there is a path to success.

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