Why penny-perfect payments are vital for both car dealers and car buyers – Aaron Bickart, OfferLogix

Consumers today want a convenient and frictionless car buying experience, especially in the finance office. When car dealers don’t provide penny-perfect payments to their customers, they could potentially miss out on lucrative sales. Here to address this challenge is Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix.

Despite strong sales, the automotive retail industry is currently facing tough obstacles including chip shortages, low inventory for new vehicles, and fluctuating prices. With this in mind, Bickart says vendors need to get creative. They need to have, what Bickart calls, that ‘sizzle.’ The sizzle is leasing and financing payments.

The way car dealers are used to marketing and advertising their financing options isn’t getting through to consumers, Bickart says. But with accurate, real-time calculations from vendors, car dealers are now becoming proactive and garnering more gross profit.

Bickart says Offerlogix provides a frictionless customer experience by leveraging an API that is easy to integrate into their ad tech. The Offerlogix API offers vendors precise calculations including loans to values, acquisition fees, and more, for over 200 lenders. Bickart adds that while some of their competitors are still trying to get to the marketplace, Offerlogix is already there and live.

Bickart wraps up the conversation by explaining what sets Offerlogix apart from its competitors is that they only sell to vendors. They’re providing real-time calculations without disclaimers, and the system is completely customizable for each car dealer. Consumers will value the transparency and vendors won’t have to do any heavy lifting.

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