Why instant payment accuracy can help your dealer partners sell more cars – Aaron Bickart | EVP at OfferLogix

How are you ensuring that your car dealership is providing remarkable customer service? Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome back Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix, to talk to us about how accuracy and transparency in customer payments, play a role in providing remarkable customer service. The OfferLogix team has worked with 75% of the top 100 car dealers and 18 auto manufacturers in the U.S. and globally, to come up with solutions to this very issue. 

There’s a lot of conversation in the auto industry around the importance of providing a seamless customer experience. Payment calculations are a tremendous part of that effort. In fact, 94% of Americans walk out of a new car franchise with a lease or finance payment. Car dealers need partners who can provide access to this information in real-time and in a dynamic way for their consumers. 

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When vendors integrate OfferLogix into their tech stack, they will no longer have to manually maintain calculations within the organizations. OfferLogix’s unique, patented API can come up with penny-perfect payments for any given vehicle. OfferLogix uses data from lenders, OEMs, trade-in values, FICO scores, and compliance regulations to do the heavy lifting for you.

Organizations that try to maintain this themselves, leave lots of room for mistakes. Why not outsource this task to a company that specializes in the area and provide the best customer experience possible? CRMs, digital retailing platforms, and desking companies that have integrated with OfferLogix, have seen higher engagement, better customer experiences, and can move more efficiently overall. Enable your dealer partners to close more deals with penny-perfect payments and higher grosses.

To learn more about OfferLogix, visit offerlogix.com, or schedule a meeting with the team at the upcoming NADA Show.

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