What to Include in Your Dealership’s E-Newsletter


E-newsletters are simply as they state, electronic newsletters. Charitable organizations, businesses, religious bodies, clubs, and societies have all been known to use e-newsletters frequently. They can be used to promote new products and/or services or just simply update their customers on everything that has happened and is happening.

There are a number of reasons why your dealership should start using newsletters. Newsletters can drive traffic to your website. The higher quantity of traffic there is, the more sales are possible. It also drives loyalty through the content that you share. As long as the content that you share has value towards the customer, they will read your e-newsletters.

If your customers have a specific place where all the information is stored, it will drive traffic towards your site through word of mouth. The information can be anything from a piece about a local student(s), tips on buying a car, a video tutorial, taking care of our car, or any service specials.

So, what should you include in your dealerships e-newsletter? We’ll be going through several of our top tips to get you started.

  • Dealership News
    The best way to connect with your customers is to offer them news that might directly pertain to them. Regularly updating your customers on your team’s accomplishments will help them feel a part of your community; hence increasing the likelihood of them continuing to buy from you.These bits are usually the highest views parts of the newsletter as they are the parts that are relevant to the readers. Articles can be anything from naming an employee of the month or a customer of the month. It can be about the dealership’s involvement within their community. They can mention any upcoming events and recap of a previous event.
  • Industry News
    Sharing your knowledge about the automotive industry with your customers can be really beneficial to them. Things that they possibly wouldn’t have known about, can help them when they are making decisions in the future.You can include competitive comparisons between your vehicles and those of a competitor. You can use your vehicles as an example to develop follow up questions. Dealers can also include new, upcoming, and updated releases.
  • Maintenance Tips
    The best way to attract more customers to come to your service departments is to share techniques and tips to your customers. Anything relating to vehicle maintenance can prove to be useful for your customers. It will help you gain credibility, transparency, and builds your customers confidence.Some articles you can write can be about types of coolant that are best for your cars, checking your oil, oil change timings, and pollen damage.
  • Purchasing Tips
    If your customers have prior knowledge of the buying process, it can make the purchasing process a lot simpler for both parties. To make it easier on them, you can write articles around protection again scans, extended warranties, and leasing vehicles.
  • Driving Tips
    These are pretty self-explanatory tips that can include anything from traveling with pets, driving in snow, saving money, driving with teenagers, and dangerous driving habits.
  • Miscellaneous Bits
    To make the newsletters more fun and entertaining for your customers to read, it’s important to have pieces that are more ‘fun’ themed. These can include anything from about local car shows, community events, restaurant openings, road trip examples, and employee/customer recipes.

Though these are tips that will enhance your newsletter to the next level, they are not things that can be done all at once. This level of changes will take time to implement. Generating content that is original and is of quality, requires strategy, dedication, and time. E-newsletters will enhance your ROI, which will, in turn, benefit your business. It will also increase the level of interaction that you have with your customers.