Volvo Car USA makes long-term investment in auto technicians with new program

Volvo Car USA

Auto technician tools can be a huge expense to someone early in their career and many can be burdened and go into debt because of it. Now, Volvo Car USA is trying to change that. The company recently announced a program to alleviate the expense and also encourage auto technicians in the industry. Here to talk more about the program and what Volvo is doing is Scott Doering, vice president of customer service at Volvo Car USA.

In this segment, Doering and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick take a deep dive into the Volvo Technician Tool Program. Volvo announced the program to retailers this past June, with the hopes of encouraging auto technicians to stay in the industry for the long-haul. The new program aims to reduce thousands of dollars of student debt and eliminates the need for new auto technicians to invest in their own expensive tools. These tool kits have often been a contingency of employment, but they can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The pair also discuss the other barriers that auto technicians can experience at the start of their careers. We also find out what the response to this program been from retailers and auto technicians since the announcement, and the long-term impact it will have on the Volvo brand.

Scott Doering has been with Volvo Car USA for over 20 years. He began leading the company’s customer service branch and supporting parts and service business since 2013. Prior to this role, Doering was vice president of Volvo’s northern region.

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