Voicemail: Say It Twice


When leaving a voicemail, David Kain suggests saying your name, phone number, and the name of your dealership two times to make it easier on your guest while also getting more calls back.


Hello, I’m David Kain here with your tip of the day. The theme of this is say it two times and when I’m leaving a voicemail, one of the things that I’ve really learned is to make it easy for the guest by saying my phone number two times and saying my name two times and saying the name of the dealership two times.

So if you’ll build that into your bag of tricks and just your processes, it’s amazing how many calls you’ll get back. Additionally, when you look at how many voicemails are now transcribed, oftentimes the transcription doesn’t get your name right, doesn’t get the number right, or even the name of the dealership. So say it two times, it’ll make it easier for the guest to go ahead and click on and call you back and people just don’t like to write things down, they like to click on links and that just affords you a better opportunity to get the call back.

So say it two times and I’ll promise your voicemails will become more successful for you. I’m David Kain, thanks for joining me for the tip of the day.

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