Turning Around the Poor Performer – Dave Anderson, LearnToLead

poor performer

The mental aspect of sales can weigh heavily on sales teams in dealerships across the country. Dealers are always looking for ways to motivate their teams to push sales to the next level. Dave Anderson, leadership expert and president of LearntoLead joined us to talk about how to motivate a poor performer on your sales team and help them take that next step.

Now, the best way to prevent poor performers in your dealership is to not hire them in the first place. If you continue to have a pattern of poor performers, then it might be time to look at your hiring strategy.

To turn around a poor performer, Dave says that sales managers need to do four things. The first is establishing an objective with the poor performer. Provide them with the utmost clarity on what the expectation is. Then, establish a deadline to achieve that objective, and subsequently, a consequence if they don’t. Don’t forget to give them feedback during this process so they are guided in the right direction. If they are still not performing after all of that, then be sure to fulfill whatever consequence you established.

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Known as ‘Mr. Accountability,’ Dave is an acclaimed international speaker and author of 14 books on personal and corporate performance improvement. After working in the car business for years, Dave began LearnToLead in 1999 with the goal to help individuals and organizations reach their personal and corporate potential.

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