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After a stellar career leading CADA, what’s next for Tim Jackson?

Tim Jackson, a prominent figure in the automotive industry, serving as the President and CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) for almost two decades, is stepping down from his role. Matthew Groves will step in as interim CEO.

Jackson is known for his tireless efforts in promoting the interests of the CADA’s dealer members and the overall franchise system, particularly in Colorado. He is a highly-revered leader in automotive retailing, which has earned him a reputation as a champion of the industry and a driving force behind its continued success.

In 2004, Jackson was appointed president and CEO of CADA, a trade association representing the interests of car dealerships across Colorado. As the head of CADA, he was instrumental in shaping the policies and regulations that govern the franchise dealer laws in the state.

Under Jackson’s leadership, CADA has become one of the most respected trade associations in the state, with a membership that includes over 260 franchised new car and truck dealers. Jackson also oversaw the enactment of 23 total provisions, including warranty reimbursement provisions (SB23-078), to be signed later this year. CADA was additionally instrumental in dismissing the state’s bid to allow EV manufacturers to sell directly to consumers—effectively saving Colorado dealers $5.6 billion collectively. In an email to CBT News, Jackson further elaborated on his accomplishments.

CBT News: If you had to choose one memorable milestone from your time as CADA President and CEO that stands above the rest, what would it be?

Jackson: It’s hard to boil down one thing as most memorable. I would say, without doubt, the most important milestone was connecting Colorado new car dealers to the legislative process, through member activation and involvement, legislative grassroots meetings and overall member engagement.

In addition to his work with CADA, Jackson has been involved in various other industry organizations, including the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the National Federation of Independent Business, and the Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

Under Jackson’s guidance, CADA and its dealer members created the Clear the Air Foundation (CTAF), a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to taking older vehicles off the road and improving air quality. He also founded the Green Car Parade and Innovative Dealer Summit and launched the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame, which he will be inducted into on April 11.

CBT News: What do you hope your successors take away from your many years of industry leadership?

Jackson: Dealer activation in the political process is an ongoing effort. It never stops. After one big issue is behind dealers and can be seen through the rear view mirror, the next threat to the business model can be seen clearly through the windshield. Threats never end to the franchised dealer model, they just change in where they are in current development. Continued and ongoing dealer activation is not only critical but essential.

Despite stepping down from his role at CADA, Jackson has no plans to leave the automotive industry.

CBT News: What’s next for you? I understand you have a book in the works.

Jackson: I have several potential opportunities in the works. Since I have been hitting the priorities so hard for the past 18 years, I plan to take some rest and relaxation as I recalibrate for the future. I’m not one to let grass grow so I likely be back out there swinging at the next industry issues. And I do look forward to advancing progress on the book. The book covers the past, present and future of automobiles and how essential they are to personal travel, freedom, the economy and the future. The operative title is Dude, Where is My Flying Car?

To keep up with Tim, you can follow him on Twitter here.

You can also visit his blog, and be on the look-out for his upcoming book, Dude, Where is My Flying Car?

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Anna Delvillar
Anna Delvillar
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