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It’s Time for Dealerships to Catch Up

The F&I Online Revolution is Here! By: Becky Chernek It’s an established fact that many auto dealers fear change. But taking an “if it ain’t broke,...

Daily Newscast: Trends in the Auto Industry

What is Ford selling these days: vehicles or smart mobility...or both? High incentives move metal, but do they help your dealership in the long...

Increasing Trends in Automotive


CBT News October 17, 2016

CBT News October 17, 2016 Nissan's Jose Munoz talks to CBT about the 2.0 dealership design Do consumers want to buy cars online? Increasing...
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As the Automotive Market Turns

Since 2011, the automotive industry has undergone rapid growth and rapid change, with an average 8.3 percent year-over-year increase in unit sales, the loosening...

CBT News – September 6, 2016

CBT News September 6, 2016 5 ways to be successful at work How Dog Lovers can Increase your Sales Phil Lebeau and Bob Lutz...
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Will online car sales hurt you dealership?

Change Is Good If You Embrace It By Michia Rorsheen Judging by the growing trend towards online car buying, it may appear dealerships face a shrinking role...

CBT News – July 21, 2015

On today's show: - Tim Kintz, President of the Kintz Group, discusses the latest trends in management and sales training - Sales Tip of the Day...