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Manheim forecasts used vehicle market will perform better in 2023

Cox Automotive has published a surprisingly positive forecast for 2023's used-vehicle market, predicting slightly better sales and a market normalization. The data used for its...
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President Biden bets on Michigan as manufacturing hub of the nation

While visiting a semiconductor chip manufacturer close to Bay City, Michigan, this week, President Joe Biden spoke about federal taxpayer investments in U.S. manufacturing...

How automotive manufacturers can create resilient supply chains in uncertain times

2022 is off to an unexpected start. While it may have seemed that disruptions in supply chains are lessening as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed,...

US new vehicle sales in November are down once again

Auto sales are yet again being hindered by the ongoing supply chain issues, with a handful of automakers reporting notable drops in sales for...

How car dealers can focus on customer retention amid inventory challenges

Earlier this month, the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) released its analysis of two studies recently conducted, including one that involved interviews with consumers...

JD Power and LMC Auto release automotive forecast for August 

Last Thursday, JD Power and LMC Automotive released their projections for August 2021. Their joint assessment showed that sales are likely to see a...
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How the automotive industry can improve agility, scalability, and efficiency by...

The automotive sector has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only were OEM supply chains adversely impacted by the virus and the loss...
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Dealer Supply Chains Affected During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic deepens, the retail automotive industry is facing disruptions that haven’t been seen previously. News comes daily of closures, limited hours,...

Implications of the New Restrictions at the U.S.-Canada Border

As the Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, spreads globally, more and more measures are being put into place to protect people from the condition. This...