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holiday party

The Right and Wrong Ways to Host a Holiday Party

With winter around the corner and the holiday season coming along with it, you may already be setting your mind to this year’s company...

Does Your Staff Believe In Your Companies Purpose?

Can you see yourself buying a higher end car from a folksy salesperson with a southern accent? Or purchasing a vehicle from a bargain...

Are You Properly Rewarding Your Staff?

It is important in the automotive industry that an employee’s work performance and progress is monitored closely to ensure that they fully  understands the...
sales events

Sales Events – Are They Losing Their Purpose?

With the coming of spring, dealerships around the country will be sprucing up their showrooms and getting that lot full of cars to sparkle...
Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Houston-Area Auto Groups

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the state of Texas will be long-lasting beyond this month. In addition to the many businesses affected by Harvey, the...

Resolving Disagreements Among Your Dealership Staff

It is said that medieval monks confined to monasteries developed a great way to resolve conflicts. They didn’t want to waste energy fighting amongst...