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CPO sales stronger than predicted in February — Cox Automotive

According to Cox Automotive, Certified Preowned (CPO) sales are up year-over-year despite expectations of a decline. CPO sales climbed 1.9% to 205,946 units from January...

New study says most SUVs lack sufficient backseat protection

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) suggests that most SUVs lack suitable protection for backseat passengers. IIHS tested 13 SUVs...
brand loyalty, loyalists

The best brands for turning first time buyers into loyalists according...

S&P Global has revealed the automakers which succeed the most at transforming first time buyers into brand loyalists. The study, published Monday, used consumer behavior...

New car buyers face record-high monthly auto loan payments

Monthly auto loan payments have hit an all time high, according to data published by Edmunds. The report sourced data from the last quarter of...
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Auto leaders have lowered their EV sales outlook after slow growth

In a new report, KPMG unveiled data showing how the auto-industry's EV sales outlook has soured over the course of 2022. Using survey responses from...

New report details how shopping intentions changed during COVID-19

Auto retailers have seen firsthand the impact that shutdowns, restrictions, and pandemic fears have had on their customers. A new report from Comscore Research...

The Importance Today of the Sales Walkaround

Car buyers go online, that’s a fact. Think With Google research shows that more than 95 percent of car sales start with the customer...

5 Ideas to Help Increase Profits Across All Departments

In the information age, there has been an increased focus on the customer journey as a whole, instead of its individual moving parts. No...

The Science of Negotiation: Best Practices for Handling Negotiations at Your...

Negotiation is a word that causes excitement in some and dread in others. To many, negotiations may seem like an unnecessary part of doing...
Mary Barra

Mary Barra: Research helps GM to figure out what consumers want

During a recent Q&A at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra was asked about the car buying habits of...