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New report details how shopping intentions changed during COVID-19

Auto retailers have seen firsthand the impact that shutdowns, restrictions, and pandemic fears have had on their customers. A new report from Comscore Research...

The Importance Today of the Sales Walkaround

Car buyers go online, that’s a fact. Think With Google research shows that more than 95 percent of car sales start with the customer...

5 Ideas to Help Increase Profits Across All Departments

In the information age, there has been an increased focus on the customer journey as a whole, instead of its individual moving parts. No...

The Science of Negotiation: Best Practices for Handling Negotiations at Your...

Negotiation is a word that causes excitement in some and dread in others. To many, negotiations may seem like an unnecessary part of doing...
Mary Barra

Mary Barra: Research helps GM to figure out what consumers want

During a recent Q&A at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra was asked about the car buying habits of...