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Fuel prices hit highest average in eight years

Last week, fuel prices reached a level not seen since 2014, surging to a national average of $3.44 per gallon. The prices have risen...

Hurricane season and its impact on auto players

Hurricane Ida swept across many Gulf Coast states through the northeast leaving a path of destruction, displacements, and power outages in its wake. Storms...

Low fuel prices here to stay, according to AAA report

A report from the American Automobile Association on September 8, the average gas price nationally between Memorial Day and Labor Day was $2.15 per...

Oil Prices Expected to Rise to $60 in 2021 – What...

After hitting an all-time low earlier in 2020, crude oil prices are expected to rise to more normal levels in the first half of...
oil prices

Oil Prices Suppressed by Low Demand, How Auto Retail May React

American oil prices have rallied back from an all-time low of negative $37.63 per barrel for May futures on West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude...

A Love of Driving: How Restricted Air Travel Will Boost the...

Air traffic volumes have tumbled much worse than the auto industry’s decline comparatively. Year over year, TSA screening volumes for April 2020 were 96...

Vehicle Sales Especially Trucks Stronger than Expected

When the March sales figures were released, the alarm bells sounded across the automotive industry. March new vehicle sales contributed to an overall quarterly...
fuel prices

The Correlation Between Fuel Prices and Auto Sales

The automotive retail industry has ebbs and flows, no question. The national and global economies are factors in year-to-year fluctuations, and new model releases...