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Automakers on track to miss IPCC climate change goal

Electric vehicle brands Polestar and Rivian have released a study predicting the global automotive industry will only achieve a quarter of the IPCC's climate...
Biden energy, truck emissions

Biden hopes to improve smog, makes new update to truck emission...

The Biden Administration has announced new clean air standards which target heavy-duty truck emissions. Although the rule change won't take effect until 2027, it is...
Dare Forward 2030

Stellantis presents ‘Dare Forward 2030’, a decade of evolution

On Tuesday, Stellantis unveiled the company’s plan for the remainder of the decade, addressing climate issues, new model releases, and a shift in how...

General Motors five years ahead of schedule for 100% renewable energy

On Thursday, September 30, General Motors issued a press release to announce the carmaker plans to acquire 100% of its power from renewable energy...
clean car rule stands in Minnesota when it comes to emissions standards

Proposed 2026 fuel economy standards put pressure on automakers and car...

On August 5, the NHTSA under the Biden Administration announced they would be seeking new, stricter fuel economy standards for all new light vehicles....

Biden announces non-binding target for EVs by 2030

The Biden administration is continuing its efforts to facilitate the transition to all-electric vehicles, with Biden proposing a goal for 40% to 50% of...

Tougher tailpipe emissions coming under Biden Administration

The Biden administration does not seem to be backing down regarding tougher environmental regulations. This week, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Michael...

Bernie Moreno discusses his potential candidacy for Ohio’s 2022 Senate race

The auto industry could start seeing a friendly face in Washington, D.C. come 2023. Successful dealer and technology entrepreneur Bernie Moreno will likely enter...

Auto industry anticipates changes under Biden presidency

While emerging from the financial crisis in 2008, the Obama administration, which included president-elect Joe Biden, announced its goal to have 1 million electric...