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Chrysler recalls 280,000 Ram trucks over potential fire hazard

Chrysler has issued the latest of several recalls this year, affecting 280,000 Ram trucks. The recall was filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

PA dealer David Kelleher on Stellantis establishing its own finance arm

Stellantis is expected to close a deal by year's end, creating its own captive financing arm. Mike Koval Jr., Ram brand CEO said "until...

A handful of C-suite roles change in auto industry this week

In the past few days, significant roles in the automotive industry have shuffled. The moves impact major carmakers like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Chrysler as...
Dare Forward 2030

Stellantis to buy First Investors Financial Services to create lending arm

On Wednesday, Stellantis announced that it would be purchasing First Investors Financial Services Group for $285 million. The deal, expected to close by the...

“Partnership” is the New Automotive Industry Buzzword

When it comes to the future of the automotive industry, the word “partnership” is starting to enter the conversation. In the past, automakers...
electric vehicles

Nardelli: Electric Vehicles will move slower than expected

Electric vehicles have been a hot topic recently. Robert Nardelli, former Chrysler Chairman and CEO, told Bloomberg that he believes the pace at which...

How will your dealership be impacted by Amazon vehicle sales?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) (FCHA.MI) said it has teamed up with U.S. internet giant Amazon (AMZN.O) to start selling cars online offering an additional...