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Does Your Team Sabotage Themselves? Two Behaviors to Avoid

Self-sabotage doesn’t get talked about nearly enough in our business. In past interviews and posts, I have shared many of the “7 Self Sabotaging...

What to Do When Customers Make a Scene

It’s impossible to predict customers' behavior. While we’d like to assume the people who enter our dealerships are on their best behavior and will...
dealership harassment

Dealership Harassment Claims – A Ticking Time Bomb That You Don’t...

The recent wave of sexual harassment claims should be of concern in any type of business, dealerships included, as this trend represents a particular...
Raj Nair

Appropriate Behavior in A Dealership Starts at The Top

Ford Motor Company sent a strong message to employees and the public this week, sending one of its top executives packing after investigations revealed...

Disruption and how your dealership can survive

  Today, Cory Mosley sits down with Stephane Ferri, Southeast Divisional VP of Sales at Cox Automotive to discuss disruption in automotive retailing. As our...