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Supply and Demand Challenges Suggest A Decline – Jonathan Smoke, Cox Automotive | Ford CEO Jim Hackett Promises to Provide More Transparency | SURE Unveils New Rideshare Insurance Coverage

Today on – Wednesday, June 20th, 2018:

“Supply and Demand Challenges Suggest A Decline in Vehicle Sales Moving Forward” – Jonathan Smoke, Cox Automotive
The SAAR is once again at around 17 million, however, Trumps’s tariff and the sudden hike in interest rates may have a negative impact on the second half of the year with vehicle sales. To help us make sense of what the future may bring for dealers across the nation, we are joined by Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for Cox Automotive, in the CBT News studio where he helps us break down what all these changes mean to the automotive industry. Watch Now

How OEM’s Are Bringing Attention To Diversity During Pride Month
There are countless ways that you can get involved in bringing attention to and celebrating Pride Month. It could be as simple as being an ally to someone who tells you that they are LGBT+. You can also attend a Pride event or parade, organize t-shirt design contest, donate or volunteer, become an advocate, and support their art and culture. All in all, regardless of how you do it or are doing it, it’s purpose will be to create attention towards the causes that are important for the LGBT+ community. Read More

Are You Operating your Staff Meetings In A Way That Actually Helps?
Let’s be honest: no one likes meetings. Generally, we find meetings to be unproductive wastes of time, which we put up with because they’re mandatory, and because sometimes you get a bagel for coming. For this reason, companies are seeking ways to revolutionize how we conduct meetings so they are more effective. Read More

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