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Shifting the Customer Approach in Your BDC – David Lewis | General Motors Staying in South Korea | Automakers Meet with Trump to Discuss CAFE

Today on CBT News – Friday, May 11th, 2018:

Shifting the Customer Approach in Your BDC – David Lewis
Traditional shoppers used to visit three to four dealerships before making a purchase. Now, with the shift going digital, dealership visits have dwindled to approximately one-and-a-half. Shoppers are spending more time researching that when they finally do touch base with your BDC department, it’s for two reasons. Joining CBT today is David Lewis, to educated us on the correct customer approach for your BDC. Watch Now

How VistaDash, J.D. Power Partnership Supports Better Business Decisions
Onstage with the CBT Network at Digital Dealer 24 is Dan Moore, President of VistaDash, who talks with our news crew about how his company sets themselves apart by looking at the science behind the metric and utilizing pinpoint data. We also ask him about a newly acquired partnership with J.D. Power and how where that pairing will bring them in the future. Watch Now

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back
A customer visit typically starts with the service appointment. The best performing Dealers remove the service advisor from the job of setting appointments. The service advisor will often be too busy to be professional and timely. Also they may well schedule appointments based on his or her aspirations (or lack thereof) instead of shop capacity. Depending on the customers’ needs and history at the dealership this a prime opportunity to plant the seed for additional needed or previously declined services. Once the appointment is set, Advisors must review the customer’s history BEFORE they show up. Read More

F&I At Their Fingertips: Millennials Prefer the Auto lending Process Online
80 million Millennials have entered adulthood and have replaced Baby Boomers as the largest generation alive. Approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers are entering retirement each day, which expands the professional opportunities for adult Millennials as they continue to get into the workforce, marry, and have children, the major lifestyle milestone of financing an automobile becomes a looming decision. Read More
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