Sales consultant Frank Crinite on how to sell beyond the market shortages

"Nowadays customers are looking for you to solve a problem," says Frank Crinite.

Are you striving to hit the next level as a salesperson? Our next guest has made quite a name for himself as his sales numbers and volume are virtually unheard of. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Frank Crinite, Sales Consultant with Piazza Honda of Springfield, to discuss what the market looks like beyond the shortages.

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People want to hear what you actually can do for them says Crinite. He lays out a plan for everyone and matches up a car with a customer for an opportunity. He says nowadays customers are looking for you to solve a problem. It’s better to make an educated decision versus an emotional decision.

msrpCrinite says everything is about service to your customer right now. This is not the time to be doing just a money grab. He says right now is the single greatest time in history, if you have a model vehicle to trade in for cash value to take advantage of the current inventory coming in. Crinite also says, it’s not the sticker price, it’s about the current market value. When the market does pull back, customers will be ready to take advantage of those market trends.

This is not a month-to-month business says Crinite. He says he tries to serve as many people as he possibly can. Customer service is preached in this business but it’s lacking in actually serving the customer. Dealers need to take that transactional sale and cultivate it into a relationship.

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