As we get deeper into the digital times, your customers are going to spend more time visiting your dealership website than they are calling or visiting. Not only has the average length of vehicle ownership increased 60% in the last ten years, but 22% of millennial car owners are searching for their mechanic online. If your dealership service page isn’t catching the consumer’s attention, you are going to miss out on some significant revenue.

In this article will examine how to improve the service page of your dealership website. We will also offer some content suggestions to get you started.  

1. Focus on Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is critical to the online well-being of any website, so it should never be overlooked when it comes to your service content. Customers are going to be searching for your dealership brand and “auto repair” to find a local source. If your dealership isn’t coming up in the results, you will lose the opportunity to win a new client over.

To rank higher in the search engines, you need to provide quality and unique content. It also helps if you have a budget available to pay for some online advertising. If you don’t know how to get started with SEO strategies or you don’t have time, hire an outside marketing firm to help. 

2. Create Awareness with Your Content 

When you provide your customers with the information they need, they are more likely to follow through. Your customers want to know why they should bring their vehicle to the dealership for repair, why they should use OEM parts and what makes you different. 

Don’t make them guess what these answers are. Provide the content and then forward the information to them through email or text alerts.  

3. Focus on Testimonials 

Not only should you be monitoring your online reputation, but your service page should contain valuable testimonials from customers. If you have positive reviews, others are exponentially more likely to visit you over the competition.

Offer your customers a perk for leaving you an online review and providing a testimonial for your website. Maybe you will give them a free oil change or a discount on their next service, but the benefits to that will far outweigh what you’ve spent.  

Service Content Ideas

The best way to ensure your website has the content needed to drive traffic is to sit with the marketing team at your dealership and map out a schedule. You can prepare a calendar for the quarter, ensuring there is always something valuable to post. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Why Factory-Trained Technicians are a Must for Auto Repair 
  • OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket  
  • Seasonal Car Care (preparing your car for winter, maintenance for road trips, etc.) 
  • Recommended Service Intervals 
  • Service Available for Quick Change Lanes 
  • Warranty Protection from Dealership Service 
  • Financing Options for Service 
  • Available Maintenance Plans 
  • When to Get Service (tire replacement, oil changes, brake service, etc.) 

With a little forethought and the right content, you can appeal to a broader audience and help your customers keep their vehicles on the road longer. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

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