Sarah Vantine discusses the practices used to empower BDC teams

Committed to giving dealers the best training possible

Every dealership has a business development center (BDC) that curates the most loyal employees and will benefit productivity in the long run. Today on Inside Automotive, Sarah Vantine, the Vice President of Sales for Quantum5, an automotive training and learning platform designed to develop skills needed for sales and service teams, discusses BDC’s best practices. By using these tools, Vantine explains the effective ways to empower your entire team. 

Dealers “aren’t equipped enough to prepare themselves for what is ahead,” claims Vantine. Quantum5 is committed to giving these dealers the best training possible so they will be fully prepared for the entire customer experience.

As Vantine notes, “BDCs need to start with the foundation when building those best practices.” They need to comprehend the baseline to understand where dealers are aiming to go to assist in understanding where dealers are. When it comes to critical sales skills, Quantum5 “truly helps to nurture teams no matter where they are in the business to get the necessary abilities for retention,” according to Vantine. “Customer retention is critical to employee retention”. 

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The baseline also determines where BDC teams need to hone their skills and put their focus. Quantum5 data is aware of how a person performs on both inbound and outbound calls, as well as how they compare to the stacking metrics. For example, they have access to information about the number of walk-ins, appointments scheduled, and customers entering the store.

In May 2022, Quantum5 acquired ESI-Q, an app that engages with employee data, as one component that looks into their entire ecosystems. The Quantum5 app examines net promoter scores as they relate to emerging employee satisfaction, in terms of passive and inactive workers. The community coaches at Quantum5 provide users with quick practice modules so they can concentrate intently on the entire customer experience, benefiting BDC, service, and sales managers. 

Since the BDC department is the most devoted, dealers have difficulty finding effective ways to pay them. “Dealers need to develop a structural compensation plan that is not just challenging but also promotes from within,” says Vantine. Dealers must foster appreciation and fulfillment for BDC with Quantum5 training. Establishing a level ranking system encourages involvement and engagement among employees. Which provides incentives for employees and highlights the necessity for them to go above and beyond to advance. 

By enabling BDCs to have the essential skills to guide consumers through the entire questionnaire process, Quantum5 reduces fragmented uncertainty. “We can analyze a person’s performance and determine what they should concentrate on each minute, hour, and day”, according to Vantine. 

To transcend the customer experience in every department, Quantum5 offers an authentic version of things that happen in dealerships.  For more information head to  

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