Perfecting the Art of Personal Branding in Sales – Tony Zelaya, DARCARS


Tony Zelaya has spent years perfecting the art of personal branding. The Former business owner turned ‘V Dub Guy’ is now sharing his insights and successes with our network’s audience in our recent interview.

Tony Zelaya started a shoe store which he ran successfully for years before transitioning into the automotive industry. Having worked at Mercedes Benz and now Volkswagen, Tony is well versed on how to make your brand the stand out star and not rely on the dealerships brand too much.

The brand of a car may be the reason why a customer comes into your store but it is often not enough to make sure they leave in one. That’s why Tony believes your brand as an associate is vital. The art of a car sale is like a dance. At first, everyone is stiff, focused on the next move and arguably nervous. As an employee it is up to you to set the tone, gain control and ultimately develop a relationship with your shoppers that progresses to a sale. A part of that comes with branding yourself.


Your quality and manner of service should be highlighted as a perk when shopping at your store. So getting your name out and becoming a common resource in your community is important. Tony began with a name and built that into a domain, the website, and now he is regularly referred to as the expert or the ‘Guy”. The idea of Branding himself in a different way came from an interaction with a repeat customer who failed to remember who assisted them in their previous car sale. Tony found by branding himself, he found that he was more likely to be remembered by name in addition to the exceptional services he provides.


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