Outsell CEO Mike Wethington on the benefits of having a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) has been a major asset for dealers in terms of the overall customer experience. Recently, CBT News anchor Bridget Fitzpatrick had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Wethington, President and CEO of Outsell, during this year’s NADA show in Dallas to talk about the new innovative technology the company is delivering to dealers.

Key takeaways:

1. Innovative technology advancements have favored Outsell throughout the years, making the company one of the leading engagement and customer data platforms.

2. Outsell thrives during difficult times. Dealers have declared that Outsell is recession-proof.

3. Outsell has a platform that allows dealers to provide services based on individual customer needs.

4. To connect engagement to DMS records of actual vehicle sales, dealers receive feeds straight from the DMS.

5. For the first time, Outsell has created a high-volume customer process powered by an AI model in order to better understand dealers’ most valued customers.

The better dealers understand their customers, the better they can engage and deliver superior service to them.” —mike wethington

Notable background:

Other CDPs assist you in cleaning your data to determine who is interested in a vehicle, but Outsell’s Customer Data and Engagement Platform goes a step further by enabling interaction with those customers directly from their platform.

In 2021, Outsell was ranked #1 in dealer satisfaction.

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