How CarNow is upping the digital retailing game for dealers in 2023 — Tim Cox

The number of software solutions and technology platforms promising to revolutionize the dealership experience can be overwhelming to sift through as a storeowner. Tim Cox is the co-founder and Chief Evangelist at CarNow, one of the nation’s most respected digital dealership platforms. CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick had the chance to sit down with him at the 2023 NADA convention to hear about new features coming to his company’s suite of tools, and what online services dealers should implement into their operations.

Key takeaways:

1. CarNow has developed a new desking and showroom tool to its Real-Time Retail™ platform which makes payment and pricing information more clear and concise for both sales staff and customers, while seamlessly connecting in-store and online shopping experiences.

2. CarNow and VINCUE, an inventory management tool for automotive retailers, recently partnered to make their software more readily available to dealers who wish to expand their digital toolbox.

3. CarNow will be focused on improving its support for dealers so that storeowners can receive the help the need at any time of day.

4. Integrating CarNow’s software allows dealers to turn their websites into inventory management and customer service tools, directing online users to the vehicles they want and which benefit dealers the most.

5. Cox believes that some dealers are handicapping themselves by dragging their feet over digitization. He admits that most customers still prefer an in-store experience, but argues that efficient and convenient technology promises to save dealers time and money, once they learn how to implement the right tools.

“You cannot sell a car without a conversation.” — Tim Cox

Notable background:

Tim Cox is the co-founder of CarNow, where he has worked for over nine years to bring digital solutions to dealerships across the nation.

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