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Northwood University students discuss upcoming auto show

Northwood University students are gearing up for the 60th Northwood University International Auto Show. This annual event is the largest outdoor new car auto show organized entirely by students. On today’s Inside Automotive, we’re joined in the studio by two of those students to tell us more. We’re pleased to welcome the Public Relations Chair for the Auto Show, Katrina Ness, and the General Chair for the show, Cole Briggs. 

The largest outdoor auto show, which provides great learning opportunities for students to gain real-world experience. According to Ness, seeing other inspiring women in the industry is what she believes will bring attraction towards more women to the industry. In addition, Briggs notes, “For the show on Saturday, there is a separate section for a women’s lead table that CDK Global sponsors in hopes to attract more community and student audience women towards as well.” 

The Future

According to Briggs, “In terms of EVs, if it was something you wanted to avoid, now it’s becoming more mainstream and challenging. I see EVs being used for those close to their jobs or not traveling often because there aren’t enough charging stations for people to travel the distance.” Ness agrees and adds, “It depends on the circumstance. In agreement, Ness says, “It depends on the situation. In my opinion, EVs would make good delivery vehicles or those that undergo regular rotation.” Whereas, “the overall concept of wanting to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable is the right goal, but how to get to that goal might need to be reassessed,” emphasizes Briggs. 

The International Auto Show debuted in 1963 and was first designed to give back to the community. However, despite the industry’s debate concerning the franchise system, Briggs and Ness believe that dealerships will always be needed since the younger generation is still focused on test-driving and experiencing the vehicle before purchasing. Therefore, the car show aims to increase community outreach and involvement as a result. 

It’s crucial to remember that the auto show remains free to attend, and every student who participates serves to expand the exhibition’s networks and reach. As a Northwood University student, the auto show guarantees excellent networking opportunities, takes the skills learned from the classroom, and directs them toward real-life experience.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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