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Used vehicle sales rose throughout February and heading into March thanks to higher tax return values and surging demand.

Used vehicle sales rocket forward thanks to tax season

Used vehicle demand continued to surge through February and into March, pushing inventories down as dealers adapt to consumer behaviors. Dealers sold 1.49 million used...
Car buyers ranked ease of purchase higher in February than at any point over the last two years, reflecting a surge in demand in the market.

Car buyers rejoice as ease of purchase sets new record

Car buyers said it was easier to purchase a vehicle in February than at any point over the last two years, reflecting a nationwide...
Inside Automotive Chad Martin

Dealer Chad Martin on better inventory, changing customers, and diversity

On this episode of Inside Automotive, Chad Martin, President of Martin Management Group, joins host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the car business and Black...

Boost Your Sales With a Better Online Retail Presence – Marco...

With Digital Retailing becoming more attractive for the modern day consumer, Dealers are wondering if it is just a matter of time before they...
John O'Leary

New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author John O’Leary: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

CBT Automotive was thrilled to be joined by inspirational speaker John O’Leary recently for an exclusive interview. John shares with our network his story...