What New Car Buyers Want Most

new car buyers want most

So in the same week that Automakers and U.S. regulators joined together and took historic measures to improve recalls, J.D. Power released their 2016 U.S. Auto Avoider Study that tells you what new car buyers want most.

For the first time in nearly a decade, concerns about reliability have increased as a reason shoppers avoid certain models according to the study.   It also measures shopping behavior among new-vehicle buyers who purchased during 2015.

The top consideration in deciding which vehicle to buy: reliability.  55% of new buyers cite reliability as a leading purchase reason.  Dave Sargent, Vice President, quality practice with J.D. Power says, “with so many auto recalls in the news and challenges with the introduction of new technology, consumers are even more attuned to the expected reliability of new vehicles.”

Other findings from the study revealed that 59% car buyers chose exterior styling as the top reason they buy a particular model. The reason why, says Sargent, “to truly succeed in satisfying your customers, automakers must keep their exterior and interior designs fresh, ensure competitive performance and fuel economy levels, off an array of advanced technology and achieve an excellent reputation for vehicle reliability.”